So happy for my Buyers and Sellers!

Feather Sound!  Congratulations, Courtney!

Bayside Boulevard!  Congrats, Raul!

Tree  Cactus Loop!  So happy for Marsha and David!

Archmont Court!  Congratulations, Gweneen!

Blue Beech Court!  Congrats, Ward and Terry!

Proctor Loop!  Congratulations, Karl and Jo!

Ribolla Drive!  So happy for you, Bruce and Marilyn!

Wendover Terrace!  So happy for your, The Leight Family, Katie and Chase!

Clayridge Drive!  So happy for you, Paul and Wendy and your sweet boys!

Palomino Drive!  Congratulations!  So happy for you Jen and Bruce!

King's Road!  Fast Sale!  Congratulations, Ed and Marguerite!

Lazy Hickory!  Congratulations, Jimmy and Tiffany!

David Drive!  Congratulations, Bruce and Paulette!


Reviews and Testimonials


Client Testimonials

“Katie was just absolutely phenomenal! “- Marsha E.


“Katie was wonderful. And I kid you not, she put us first, second and third. She was there for us through every step of the selling process and answered all my questions, serious or silly. Always sweet, and never annoyed with us. We love our Katie! Trust me, when my sis in law moves down in a couple of years, she won't have any choice but Katie as her realtor!” - Jen S.


“I will recommend Katie to other family and friends if they have future plans to buy in the area.  She is a very diligent and hardworking agent and it's been a pleasure working with her”- Bruce M.


“Katie, thank you so much for selling our home so quickly, professionally, and for top-dollar, too! It was fun and a pleasure working with you! Time to celebrate!” - Pam C


Agent Testimonals

“Clean and easy for my buyers." March 2019

“Her promptness and cooperation was outstanding.”  November 2018